HTC Nexus X ?

Hi there!

Just wanted to stop by and share my thoughts on what could new HTC made Nexus be like.

I want to point out that for me right now htc makes sexiest Android phones out there. I know it is debateable, but i really think that their unibody polycarbonate design of One X is among best in the market right now. So i was thinking that a nexus in a HOX-like body, with HOX+ internals could be a blessing for me and many other people looking for stock Android experience in a beautifully disigned casing. By the way — using software system buttons could reduce the overall size of the phone a bit, which is not that bad at all.



As a matter of fact i really don't care about internal hardware specs. I think that counting points in benchmarks is somewhat useless these days. Every flagship device has more than enough horsepower to run stock Android really fluid and stutter-free.

What would really be wonderful is a huge moto-like >2500mA/h battery inside this badboy. Can it ever happen? I don't know, but i can see this phone becoming a huge hit in this case.

What do you think? Can this kind of phone ever happen? Or OEMs will continue feeding consumers with models that always seem to have some compromises made (like great internal components but ugly launcher and casing [galaxy s3], somewhat ugly casing, hideous launcher, but industry leading battery life [moto razr maxx])?