Apple's downfall to be expected

The move from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 was probably the worst thing Apple could have done. All in all I can understand the hype and the marketing done behind it to get everyone up in arms rushing with their torches and camping gear to sit outside a shop and wait for a 10x15cm box filled with all the hopes and dreams promised in all the marketing and advertising over the last month.

Where most of this falls on its face is as soon as you start reading the reviews everywhere and everyone freaks out completely and gives it 9.3/10 ratings claiming it’s the best phone in the world and that it’s the best gaming handheld ever as well as very outrageous claims going from that it’s the fastest to the most durable to hell knows what else. Every review I have read has only contradicted the user complaints more and more and in relation to these reviews is what I want to talk about.

Some very respectable review tech sites not specifically named though can be found all over the net ... Some of these reviews scream blatantly for their love of Apple and Apple products without even taking anything else into consideration let alone the complaints and issues users are experiencing, also always in their closing statements they can’t rave harder about the excellent quality and how everything "JUST WORKS" and how simple it is with obvious disregard for the user experience and issues.

That’s where I completely lose the plot. I mean as a review house that’s trusted for giving proper reviews how much does Apple have to pay or sponsor them to actually overlook ALL the issues that’s been popping up everywhere to still get better review scores as any other competitor on the market?

For example looking at all the issues now we have the Maps fiasco atm where ppl have asked why Google hasn't finished the maps app yet on the App store. With Google’s only reply "We have ... Apple hasn't approved the app yet" ... and now with the bigger screen it’s nice to have some more real estate but to what extent is it at all useful when all you get is another row of icons? The latest iOS6 update caused a lot of issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and it’s recommended to NOT update to iOS6 yet because of these issues as well as some drain on battery life when still using the 4 and the 4S.

Then when you actually take it out of the box it has scratches and chips on the phone and Apple just claims its normal and its part of the manufacturing process. Really? You buy it with scratches and chip marks? And then now lately even more issues have popped up with the camera having a Purple glare when any sun shines close to the lens of the camera. Claiming its normal and you are holding the phone wrong while taking pictures ...

All in all the iPhone5 is a disaster when it comes to the quality of the product with its out of box scratches and chip marks as well as a camera that can’t be used with the purple haze glare on everything. Then after you put the phone on the 1st time you are plagues with software issues relating from Wi-Fi issues to Maps driving you into the ocean and bad battery life on certain devices and that’s not even the worst of it....

The worst of it is that you have to pay an arm and a leg for a phone that’s been manufactured that badly with all those issues and it gets raving reviews as the best thing since sliced bread and all the Apple fans defend it as if their livelihood is at stake if Apple isn't seen as the best.

Let’s all admit it for once that the iPhone5 is the worst iPhone ever made from Apple and they could and should have done a lot better with it. Forget about the features that actually work that’s nothing new to its predecessor and look at the features not working and tell me with a straight face that it’s worth every cent you paid for it and that the 9.3/10 review scores it gets are honest and a true indication of the phones quality?

Now I know this don’t apply to every iPhone5 out there but the scuff marks and chips are reported on 1/3 of all phones sold and what if you were the banana getting the iPhone5 with all of those issues? To what extent do we excuse Apple for all of the screw-ups? Do we just add it all to the list and say well there is one more issue but its ok we have an extra row of icons or do we as consumers for once stop being bias and call it as it is. A FAILURE

When McDonald's gives you the wrong order we as clients completely lose it nearly breaking the door down to get to a manager but when you get a iPhone and told its meant to be broken when you unbox it do we just accept it?