Hybrid Laptop/Tablets: Netbooks 2.0?

There's a post currently in the Tablet Talk forum about Hybrid Laptops/ Tablets and whether there they are the future of the Post PC/PC Plus era. The basic argument for a hybrid laptop/tablet is some highly unlikely hypothetical situation where you can carry only one device. I have a Macbook Air 13" a iPad2 and a Nexus 7. Since I got the MacBook my iPad use has all but ceased but I use the Nexus 7 more. I never have a problem carrying multiple devices and the idea of either a touchscreen MacBook or physical keyboard on the Nexus (or iPad) is pretty unappealing.

Considering the hype around these Hybrid Laptop/ Tablets, (mainly drummed up by OEM's in the wake of the announcement of the Microsoft Surface,) Is there a place for these devices or is this like the mid 2000's Netbook saga, where countless OEM's provided their answer to a question no one was asking?