I love audio podcasts. Is Android for me?

I have an iphone4 just out of contract. Having owned an ipad2 for 12 months or more I have come to be critical of the screen size of my phone. So during the last few months while waiting for the iPhone5 to be launched I thought that it would have a larger screen than it turned out to have.

I use my phone 90% to listen to podcasts very few calls and Viber for texts (I live in Luxembourg and most of my friends and family live in other Country's. My iPad is great for Skype video. I use a laptop with iTunes to manage my podcasts and they are all downloaded using my home (unlimited) data plan.

i should add that in all this time I have not EVER used a paid for app.

I am very upset with being forced to use the very inadequate apple podcast app.

I miss Google street view like crazy. My car has built in GPS so don't need or care about turn by turn.

With the new IPhone I will have to get adapters anyway for my Car and various other pieces of kit.

I am falling in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note2 (available in Luxembourg in a few weeks) I don't mnd the size, if I phone I use ear buds (always listening to podcasts) so only speak "at" the phone (also good security against lipreaders)

The plan costs will be very simmilar on these phones, only availability is a small issue but I am prepared to waite. going down the wrong fork in the road for two years is a very big thing.

so my issues are:-

Will android look after my needs in Podcasts (I would pay for the perfect app)

Is Google street view available for free on the Note2. I assume Google maps as a given.

Are there adapters available to connect me with all my existing equipment.

so please help a possible switcher to make a decision