Selling Lumia 920

Ok Fanboys have to stop doing this with Lumia 920.



Truth is a whole lot of the people have not even heard of Nokia Lumia series. Apple’s marketing has clouded anything new that comes through. I know it irks when you know the product you have is far superior, but people be calm. You will seem very annoying if you have that "in your face" attitude.

Demo the product

You can conduct the smoke challenge. Low light photography. The OIS feature. Maps.



My cousin is travels a lot. I demoed the Bing translator and it blew his mind away

Translator App for Windows Phone | Powered By Bing (via bing)

Simplify the Specification

Instead of saying things like

Compared to iPhone 5, lumia 920 has higher PPI, 1280X768 compared to 1136X640, that too on 4.5 inch screen. The cpu 1.5 ghz compared to 1 ghz of iPhone


Lumia 920 has more clarity on a larger screen and is a lot faster.

I know this may seem absurd but majority of the people will not get your intent. And as fanboys we have to do our duty and spread the word.