Apple Productivity Apps for the GTD method

Hello all,

With the weight of a part- time job, an internship, and six classes overwhelming me, I took it upon myself to attack my organizational issues. I read (skimmed) David Allen's Getting Things Done, which provided me with a solid option for organizing all my tasks and dreams, hopes and desires. It's good. But doing it right means you use the right tools.

Here is where I'm lost.

Lot's of "nerds" seem to swear by using Omnifocus. I downloaded it and was immediately overwhelmed with the options. I feel the task of learning Omnifocus itself would be a long project in Omnifocus. A bit too much for my needs.

So, I set out to find a new way to organize by making it as easy (and therefore, frictionless) as possible. I stumbled upon Remember The Milk. That's good, but there's no good desktop client (I have a Mac Mini, iPad, iPhone combo). The web client was kinda meh, and I don't particularly enjoy subscription services. So, here I am looking again. I am trying Things right now by Cultured Code, and I think this is what I'll be using. The only problem is the high cost (about $80 for all three clients). Is there any other options out there that are as good as Things with a trifecita of (good) clients without the high cost?

Stay cool.