Huge Nexus Rumor: Nexus Program

Google will formally introduce Android 4.2 in November at a co-event with LG where they will announce the “LG Optimus G Nexus”. As previously reported, the whole flagship smartphone concept for the Nexus program is a thing of the past. Any manufacturer can release phones as part of the Nexus program, but they must adhere to strict standards.

In order to qualify for the Nexus program handset manufacturers must use stock Android and 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming. Custom UI skins will be allowed as part of a new “customization center”. There are additional hardware requirements that are needed to make sure the devices will support Android 5.0, which is scheduled to arrive by fall 2013.

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Many versions of Nexus are coming, new play store, and Android 5.0 in fall 2013. Wow. I think this is great.