Comment on the Verge Mobile Podcast:

Here is a recent comment I made on the Verge Mobile Podcast which I'm not sure if anyone got to read.


Just finished listening to this podcast. HTC bashing, WebOS bashing, RIM bashing, Sony bashing, Motorola bashing followed by Apple bashing on the maps issue followed by enthusiastic Apple praise on a minor feature.

I don’t get what these companies did to you guys to deserve so much scorn week after week. God knows, they are trying hard. I prefer to look at the positives. HTC has great screens, WebOS is open source, BB 10 looks very smooth and feature complete, Sony has some distinct designs with promising Playstation Mobile, Motorola has focused on battery life with great success. These companies are trying and are innovating and deserve a lot of praise.

I get that Apple and Samsung are the only ones making money. That doesn’t mean that they are the only ones innovating and deserve praise. The market is tough.

Only an Apple fan who loves hearing other companies getting trashed can enjoy podcasts like these. I love Apple and own several of their products but I don’t like this constant putting down of other companies.