The Nexus 4 was made for those who already love the Galaxy Nexus... that's why no one cares it doesn't have LTE

When I pick up my Galaxy Nexus I still always feel two things: 1) Man I wish this thing was a tiny bit smaller. 2) But dam does it ever feel good in the hand. I've gotten used to the size so I'm really quite comfortable with it, I've just always thought a 4.3" would be very easy to control and still plenty big. My real point is, I've been able to hold off buying some of the amazing phones that have been introduced (iPhone 5, Lumia 920) because I've had the Nexus running 4.0 and 4.1 and it feels and works great.

But when I watched The Verge's amazing footage from Google HQ of the Nexus 4 and 10... I was blown away for the like bajillionth time this month. I love the Gnex... but a dual-sided concave glass with a really good looking back cover makes this iteration of the Galaxy Nexus a must.... and to top it off... wireless charging on an epic magnetic hemisphere that allows for portait and lanscape without sratching the back, AH AH AH I NEED IT lol