Is The New iPad Now Obsolete?

For many Apple fans, October 23 was much awaited, because we were not sure of the surprises Apple was preparing. Although it was not really a secret, the iPad Mini was rumored to be released. So, when the much-praised electronics company sent out press invitations for the October 23 media event, many were excited: Finally, the iPad Mini would be launched! Many were preparing to sell old iPad for this smaller version. Some who just bought the iPad 3 were not worried, until, of course, Apple introduced the fourth generation of the iPad.

Among all of the complaints Apple acquired during and after their media event on Tuesday was the betrayed hearts of the owners of Apple products. They were—and still are—surprised by the fact that Apple did not follow their annual release. It was only a few months after the release of the iPad 3 that Apple released a newer version. The “new” iPad is no longer new.

Other than that, after the introduction of the iPad 4, it was like there was no iPad 3. The official name of the iPad 4 is “the iPad with Retina Display.” Has Apple forgotten that the iPad 3 has a Retina Display too?

Forbes asked, “Are you annoyed that your iPad 3 is now obsolete?” Ars Technica taunted: “Does the fourth-gen iPad irk you?” More and more newspapers and websites mocked iPad 3 owners with questions about their iPad being obsolete. Even compiled a list of angry owners of the iPad 3.

So, what do you think? Is The New iPad really obsolete?