Who needs LTE?

When I got my new iPhone i was quite excited. I'd just signed up for another two years in the UK with Three Mobile's unlimited data plan (I didn't get tethering) so naturally i wanted to see i my iPhone was any quicker than my previous device.

It was! Check out the download speeds (fig1). Consistently in the high teens! and this is on Three's 3G network outside of London. Around the time that there was a lot of talk about LTE coming to the UK in the form of EE. I've seen the hype around LTE in the states the speeds I've see there look incredible. However, at the moment i really cant see, or justify a need for LTE here. This morning i thought id give my download speed test another go (fig2). And again, I got some really good results, in fact one even beating last time with a score of 19.20mb/s. But it got me thinking, I really don't need LTE. The only thing i think i could possibly need it for is streaming video. But the 3-5 seconds buffering wait i encounter is hardly enough to put me off. Surely there are other constraints to how fast a website can download and once you hit say, 10mb/s, it's down to how quickly the browser can render the page? Yes downloading all my songs in Spotify to offline mode in a matter of seconds not minutes would be cool. But then i'd start hitting the data caps imposed by EE.

So my real question is, are any others in the UK that fussed about LTE? Are my speeds a one off? Does EE's frankly outrageous prices for their LTE data (including their horrendously low data caps) really make you excited for LTE?

Just a place to post thoughts and comments about LTE in the UK, around the world and your experience with it.



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