The Nexus 4 (from a uk point of view)

Yesterday Google officially announced the Nexus 4 which has been made in collaboration with LG.

After reading, and watching, all of the information about the Nexus 4, im really excited about it and can't wait to get one.

But it only has 8GB of storage - For me this is not a problem. I have only used 2.8GB on my Galaxy Nexus and thats because I use Google's Cloud services. I scammed Google Music so all of my music is in the cloud but the service is finally coming to the UK on November 13th. My photos automatically upload to Google+ and I usually delete the original file. I don't game on my phone and the apps that I use on a daily basis are quite small in size. So space for me is not an issue or a deal Breaker.

But there is no LTE - I live in the UK by the time real LTE comes out, which wont be for another year / year and a half there will probably be another Nexus out by then anyway. But what about EE LTE, its a joke and a ripoff. Firstly its only available in 10 cities, the 98% coverage is only outdoor coverage so it will revert to 3G when you go inside a built up area anyway, (the spectrum that they have launched this on is crap at penetrating through walls). The speeds of their LTE is 12Mbps and the final nail is the price £36 for 500MB cap. So having no LTE makes no difference to me.

Glass on the back - it looks alot nicer than the hyperskin on the Galaxy Nexus, and I genuinely like the sparkle design as it reminds me of the Nexus Live wallpaper. How practical its going to be is another matter. If its Gorilla Glass 2 then it should be okay, going by the youtube videos, but ive seen loads of smashed iphones to be careful. i'll probably get a case for it anyway.

Non-removable battery - this is the only major concern of features. I've seen lots of iPhones and Lumia's freeze and the ability to not be able to take the battery out to reset is a concern. The only thing i've got to compare is my Nexus 7. I have had one since launch and so far, touch wood, I haven't experienced any problems with its built in battery.

Don't LG cameras suck - generally yes they do but this 8MP sensor is not a LG one. Its a Sony BSI and I couldn't be happier. They don't say what the actual model is but if its anything like the video here then im really excited.

Price - this is the beat part about the new Nexus 4. I was debating with a friend how awesome it would be if Google pulled a nexus 7 with a phone and wow did they. The 8GB is £229 and the 16GB is £279 that is an amazing price for the specs that you are getting inside. Quad core processor, 2GB Ram, and 8MP Camera. The Galaxy S 3 sells between £399 - £475 and the HTC One X sells between £330 - £399. Not only are you getting an excellent off contract price but you are getting a pure android experience.

What about you guys are you excited about the Nexus 4?. Will you be picking one up? Or are you unhappy with some of the feature sets? Explain yourselves away in the comments but try and keep it to a civil debate. :)