iOS7 will go head to head against Windows Phone innovative user interface next year

Windows Phone 8 in my eyes has a fantastic user interface, some may disagree. However I truly believe it is a generation ahead of all other phone platforms from an interface perspective. It is the first phone OS that is people and information centric. Compare this to iOS or Andriod which is app centric.

iOS & Android VS Windows Phone: They are fundamentally two different paradigms.

This is the main reason I have been supporting and prefer WP8 over any other mobile platform. Windows Live modern UI is one of the key differentiators and selling point of the Windows Phone platform.

iOS has been criticised as being outdated poorly designed and and quite frankly tacky when looking at the standard built in apps.

"Acclaimed designer Yves Behar says Apple is behind on software"

"Will Apple’s Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt?"

I firmly believe Scott Forstall (now sacked) is the primary reason as to why the UI of iOS has stagnated for so long.

Now take a look at the man below...Sir Jony Ives recently appointed the Head of UI Design for all Apple products.

<iframe src="" width="319" height="180" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Yes we all know he has an annoying stare and can talk utter tripe in those Apple info ads! Like it or not he is probably the most influential designers of our time. Responsible for bringing us the iconic design of the original ipod and iMac. The guy quite simply has the vision and influence to come up with ideas that can impact a generation.

So fast forward to this time next year, iOS7 will be on the horizon. I believe little Jony here should not be underestimated. He as the ability to transform the stagnant iOS UI into something spectacular if he has the courage to do so.

This could be the start of a new UI era for Apple. The implication of Apple taking on a radical UI approach will probably mean the end of Windows Phone as we know. Especially if it still lacks apps and adoption has flat-lined.

Yes MS probably has patents for its modern UI but am wondering if they can be trumped by Apple especially if Mr Ive is leading the team. Its a long way off but I reckon things will get really interesting this time next year....