Can somebody or anybody tell mircosoft what exactly WP8 is lacking

I am tired hearing, reading, seeing complaints about WP8. It makes me feel that MS has no chance or place in the smartphone industry. If you can complain about something about WP8, why not tell this to MS himself. Seriously, I hate people who complain about something, but there is no action taken to solve the problem. These people either bite the bullet, live with it without giving feedback to MS or simply switch to a new phone, believing the other phone is better. however, I will tell you that if this continues on, no matter how many phones or OS you had jumped to, the same problem will arise again, maybe in the future. If you want something to change, you be the change. I want to be the change too. but, there is one problem... How do you tell MS, in the face but peacefully, that you want something to rectify in WP8? if somebody knows how, I need your support by creating a wishlist and send it to that person immediately. Because, I hate good efforts go to waste due criticism from ignorant people. Thanks. I am a andriod tablet, iphone4 and lumia 900 user and I read tech news daily.