Are Apple's Secrets Safe with Scott Forstall Being Ousted?

As one of the top executives in Apple, Forstall is likely to be privy to many top-secret Apple projects. No doubt he would have signed a non-disclosure agreement, but I'm sure companies like Google or Samsung are already sending him offers. Samsung got away with plagiarism for US$1 billion, a drop in its sea of profits. Apple's unreleased projects must be worth a lot more.

I also think that NDAs are difficult to enforce in this case. I would imagine Eric Schmidt signed certain agreements when he became an Apple board member, but that didn't stop Android from copying/being inspired by the iPhone.

While we wouldn't know the exact nature of his departure, it does not look pretty and I am sure there is some resentment. It seems to me that Apple's secret projects may be in jeopardy. This can be very damaging given the fact that we know important products like the iPhone and iPad were many years in the making.

PS: I am not referring to leaks like iPhone 5/iPad mini we've seen. Those are actualised projects which are leaked mostly by the supply chain. I am referring to projects that are still in their incubation, Apple's next big ideas if you will, which probably only top executives know. I'm sure most Apple employees except the top ones were in the know when Steve Jobs was beginning his iPhone/iPad project.