Windows 8 App Store updates

Since I installed the Windows 8 update the store always has 9 updates marked that won't actually update. The digital OCD in me can't take much more of seeing the update count at 9. I go to update and it has the "loading" dots move across the top of the screen but doesn't update the apps. It does update other apps if they join that list and removes them thereafter. The 9 apps that won't update, but that the store says should update are: Music, Reader, Skydrive, Games, Mail/Calendar/People/Messaging, Travel, Bing, News, and Sports. If they are up to date and showing up mistakenly, is there a way I can remove them from this list? Alternatively, if they were all updated almost immediately after the Win8 launch and are just being stubborn about updating, is there a way to force the updates through?