Help with Microsoft Touch Mouse

I just got a touch mouse for 30 dollars, which is very cheap considering it retailed for about twice that amount a few months ago and the experience has been a mixed bag. Tracking is perfect, I have no complains at all, so the look and feel of the device, however, I'm having a hard time controlling the scrolling function of this thing, the main issue is that it seems that every program seems to respond differently to the scrolling mechanism, Native apps like IE10 tend to respond better, however software life Firefox are just terrible, the scrolling some times happens fast and then slows down, its very inconsistent, I also Metro apps like Youtube+ or News Bento behave very erratically.

I've made some progress with the mouse settings adjusting the scrolling speed, however it seems like most of the settings do not seem to affect behavior at all...

So guys, anyone been able to control this madman?, share your settings, hopefully I will be able to enjoy this beautiful piece of hardware.