After a few days with Windows 8...

I'm in love.

For a little background, I upgraded to Windows 8 for the first time over the weekend. I had never used the preview, so I am a first timer. My computer is a HP Touchsmart desktop. Not the greatest gaming PC in the world, but a perfectly capable touchscreen PC for daily use.

After a few days of Windows 8, I can now say that it is fantastic. The speed improvement was instantly noticeable. I haven't had any trouble finding my way around, and I haven't run into anything I can't do with Windows 8 that I could do with Windows 7. I believe it is on par with Windows 7 for business users, and it is a major upgrade for casual users. Granted, I haven't had to mess with ripping/playing/burning DVDs yet and some of the other things I have heard can be a little tricky, but I rarely do that anyways.

The Metro interfarce honestly makes me want to sell my iPad 2 and pick up a Surface (my kids would kill me). I'm also looking forward to my cell phone contract being up so I can switch to WP8.

I think Microsoft is really onto something great here. How is everyone else feeling about it?