Is it Me....Or Should Google do all Product Releases with The Verge

In the mist of the crazy amount of events we tend to see every year, it always the same thing big stage, lights, press, all the fanfare for a device. Honestly it is kind of boring and getting old.

So with the craziness of Sandy barreling on NY Google had to cancel it's event, basically releasing the newest gadgets to the blogosphere, with a nice 15 minute video piece with the Verge.

Here is my thing. I actually think the 15 Minute video piece with the Verge was better than any event Google or Apple have ever done. It was some press crazed media frenzy event, it was a sit down with the key people involved in the comfort of their own space talking about their newest toys.

It's crazy because before Matias Duarte's quirky character didn't do anything for me at the Google Events. Seeing him sit down in a conference room one on one and explain the devices, was much more appealing than the usual fanfare.

I don't know that's just me...what do you all think?