Vitriol towards Siri

I like much of you like to read about other products and services on The Verge and elsewhere, and usually whenever Siri is brought up most people mock or dismiss Siri out of hand totally. Akin to a total failure or joke. I honestly do not know why.

I use Siri many times a day and I find the belligured virtual assistant incredibly useful. Now I'm not saying Siri is perfect, by no means is she. But there is so much Siri does get right that can be so useful and effective. Allow me to post some examples of how Siri excels throughout my day....

I wake up from an alarm I set in Siri the night before. "Wake me up at 6:30" and my alarm is set. My wake up schedule fluxuates daily so without Siri I would have to manually go into the alarm settings and adjust my wake up times daily which is not near as quick and simple. Anyone who has ever manually set alarm probably has set a PM alarm by accident too. Siri knows to catch the next 6:30AM.

After I wake up I ask Siri how my day looks and she reads off all of my appointments which I set up in Siri. "Set an appointment with Dr. Smith on Friday at 10AM". "Set a lunch meeting with John at 12:30 at Chili's" It works beautifully and again, so much simpler and easier than adding them manually from an app. Now with reservations built into Siri, when I need to set a lunch meeting in a lot of cases I can make the reservation quickly through Siri. Albeit support for reservations through Siri is a good bit limited at this time.

Then the reminders. Oh how useful this is for me. My memory is not what it used to be. Yesterday for instance I called a business client and he was just stepping into a quick meeting and asked me to call him back in 45 minutes. I asked Siri to remind me to call Bill in 45 minutes and presto, worked like a charm. Also I have my grocery list on reminders as well, all I have to say is "put milk on my grocery list" and presto. The geo-fencing is handy too, "remind me when I leave work to pick up my dry cleaning" and Siri does.

Weather, stocks, etc... Are convienient in Siri but its usually just quicker to use the notification screen to get that info then it is to tell Siri and wait a few seconds while she interfaces with the network. It is useful when driving though.

Which brings me to driving. Siri is awesome here! Texting and driving is bad as we all know, if I receive a text message simply saying "read message" and I can hear the text verbally is so convienient and way safer than trying to read and drive. Sometimes in her robotic dialog words can be unintelligible, but that's fairly rare for me, and every time it happens I get the gist of the message anyhow. Plus being able to reply verbally is really great, but it's meant for shorter responses, you're not going to have Siri make a long dictation back and it will be right.

That's just how I use Siri throughout some of my day. She does a lot more of course, but these voice control commands I use all of the time, every day. Siri has spoiled me and I can't ever go back to another phone without a voice command interface like Siri.

Now I'm not saying Siri is perfect, far from it. Everyone at some point who uses Siri has received the network hang up where she just spins and spins endlessly. Or received the "I'm terribly sorry but I can't take any new requests right now" response. But that's the exception, not the rule. It will be sometime before all those kinks are worked out.

But even in Siri's current form she works great and is usually spot on with few exceptions. It makes me wonder if those who berate Siri have actually used Siri to any extent or discovered there is far more you can do with Siri than ask her "where can I hide a dead body"?

What is your experience like with Siri?