Google and the Nexus 4 pricing

I think Google is aiming at markets in Europe, Asia and South America. They have a lot of cheap Galaxy variants that run on a single or dual core proc that sell for about 250-300$. By pricing it so low and having LG instead of Samsung (who advertised their mid range Galaxy devices over the GNex in these upcoming markets), Google can aggressively push this into the hands of the consumers.
Since the absence of LTE doesn't make any difference since most countries in this region don't have it yet, there isn't any reason to buy any other device over this:

  • Quad Core Proc -- Check
  • 2GB RAM -- Check
  • 8MP Camera -- Check
  • 1280 x 720 (320ppi) screen -- Check
This may well end up being the most sold Nexus phone. Ever.