Google Owns Nexus Again

Google started the Nexus line, but the last two phones to me felt like it was moving away from Google.

The first was the Nexus One. The first in a new line of Google and an OEM working together for a vision. The name was clean and simple. The Nexus One.

The second was the Nexus S. The S stands for a few things. It could be because it was the Second Nexus, it was a Samsung Nexus, but really it was more because it was based on the Galaxy S line.

Jump ahead another year and we have the Galaxy Nexus. Nexus is now the second in the name, followed by the word Galaxy. This could have been Google wanting the Nexus to also be associated with the Galaxy name to help sales, but it could easily lead to confusion too. People may go into AT&T and ask for that new Galaxy phone, and get a GS2.

Half a year later, the Nexus 7. A nice, clean name going back to the One. No frilly titles, just a number showing the screen size. It seemed more like an Google + ASUS tablet, instead of a phone made by Samsung with some Google help (The GNex).

Now, we have the Nexus 7, the Nexus 4, and the Nexus 10. Three simple names, no confusion. The 4 is the smallest one, the 7 in the middle and the 10 the largest. These products seem like Google working with a partner and not the other way around. The Nexus 10 could have easily been the Nexus Tab or the Nexus Note 10 or some other name showing that is was a Samsung designed tablet other than a Nexus tablet.

The final key is the Nexus branding on the back. Google feels it now has the market and brand enough to brand their phones with the Nexus name. It's good to see Google seems to have retaken control of the Nexus brand and the Nexus 4 wasn't the Optimus Nexus or the Nexus G or something similar.