I really want a Mac. Help me.

Hi everyone.

Just to give you a little backstory on myself, I'm a student. Dipped my toes into the iOS ecosystem with an iPod Touch second gen, once it died I didn't bother to replace it, I had an Android phone at the time so I used that.

I've just bought an iPhone 5 and am going to purchase an iPad (or mini, undecided) pretty soon. These are pretty minor purchases (I spend most of my money on tech, regardless of how it will effect my life) compared to what I want next.

I had a bad experience with Macs in College. In the music department they were using old iMacs (think white plastic) with the original software on them, all the drivers for the additional software were out of date, the mighty mouse was HORRIBLE to use and this really put me off every buying an OSX computer.

But ... something in me started to burn when I saw this for the first time.

What a beauty. It's like an iPad on a stand. I was gob smacked when I saw it and instantly wanted one. I'd considered a Macbook before, but this was the first time I really, really, REALLY wanted a Mac. And the beasty specs are more than enough for the graphic/web design I'm going to be doing with them.

The question is, how do I justify buying one? I'm a student, so I'm basically skint all the time. One of these would be 2/3 of one of my payments. (I just paid 1/3 of one of my payments for an iPhone)

But I really want one :(