Anyone go the other way? From Mac to PC

We always hear these stories of enlightenment of how a user moved from PC to Mac and was unchained etc etc.

Just wondering, how many of you, like me, went the other way? I think the first computer I remember using was a Power Mac 500 or the G3 AIO. It was a AIO, as far as I know. It was alright. would crash fairly often but other than it was fine and followed the beige look of most PCs of that era.

At school we used Win95 and subsequently upgraded to XP on it shipping. I think I left HS by the time Vista was shipping. I pretty much got hooked on them right away, especially the tinkering nature of the computer. Now I had an AIO Mac so I couldn't really attest to their expandability back then, but I didn't really try.

I got into engineering and that pretty much destroyed any chances of me getting a Mac there after. SolidWorks, wasn't there. I like Matlab (though I dont use this much now) had no client for the Mac but I may be fuzzy on that one. A lot of driver issues were apparent too.