One Nexus 4 hardware config, who's happy?

I see a lot of people pleased about many aspects of this phone (and unhappy about others). The one I don't see many people talking about is the fact there is one single hardware configuration globally. One SOC, one processor, one gpu, one set of radios. As many of us in the Android community can attest to, custom ROMs are far harder to find for the lesser known phones. I'm sure everyone who has an I9100 GS2 has a litany of roms and kernels to choose from. But for me, on the !757m GS2, I have one or two. With one person developing it.

So it's extremely pleasing for me to see one international version of this phone. I know that it will be popular, widely adopted, and there will be many people working to get various cyano, miui, and akop builds on this phone ASAP. It's sad that we have to lose LTE to get this, since it's very likely that we'd lose the single hardware config if Google had to adapt their phones to work one all the various incompatible LTE systems in the US.

Anyone else feel the same?