Ahhh I am so confused.. 8x, lumia 920, nexus 4!

Hi all,

Right I have a problem, a very first world problem. What is my next phone! I have been going back and forth in my head reading multiple articles regarding the above phones and just cannot make a decision. To give you a bit of background knowledge I am a heavy windows user, I am an asp.net developer so have a windows 8 machine and can't really leave given my career path. My current phone is a galaxy nexus but I have had a HTC One X and a Lumia 800 over the past year so i am very familiar with both platforms.

I also have no real ties to each, although I have purchased apps it can't be any more than 30-40 pounds on each, I have my own business as a developer so I am mainly dealing with first party apps like email. Now I know already it sounds like I am justifying my purchase of a windows 8 phone especially regarding apps but this is where it's gets a bit more complicated.

I have held 2 of the 3 phones, both of which are the W8 phones. The HTC 8X feels incredible in the hand, the soft touch back and slightly tapered sides make the phone very comfortable and a pleasure to use. The lumia feels very big and very heavy, but I am drawn to the exclusive features! Pure view camera, ois etc. but is it worth the big heavy brick for the next 6 months.

Finally the new nexus. The specs is all that really sells me this device, as I already have a galaxy nexus I am familiar with pure jelly bean and the new features in 4.2 aren't really that compelling apart from that cool 360 panorama view which you can do in windows anyway.

I want to be slightly different and I want windows to succeed but my god I love the look of this nexus, plus the price and specs are very convincing. I need your help, I will not be buying on contract and will be buying each handset sim free and have been by phones4u that all handsets bar the new nexus will be available on Friday (lumia 920 is £479 if anybody is curious) price is also not really an option. Help!