iPad mini: killing them softly?

So I was reading an interesting Branch on the mini pricing here:


I agree with the commenters - a $200 (or even $250) base model iPad mini would have totally asphyxiated the Android tablet market, and left no room for newcomers. So why didn't they do it?

My guess is that they're going to. They just don't need to - yet.

Imagine, October next year, a new iPad mini is unveiled. Retina, A6, lovely. And it carries the same price tag and fits into their range like this:

iPad mini - $229

Retina iPad mini - $329

iPad - $399

Retina iPad - $499

By dropping the non-retina iPad price and retaining it (as they've done with the iPad 2), they maximize their current revenues, avoid a sub-optimal user experience (eg. 8GB entry level), and still squeeze the life out of the struggling Android tablet market. Slowly, to maximize the hurt.

What do yo think? Would Apple keep the current mini and drop its price?