Since When Did Engadget Completely Rip The Verge Style Of Product Reviews?

Anyone seen the latest iPad review over at engadget? Here it is:

I was watching this video review and I couldn't help but notice that engadget has totally changed their style of video reviews to match The Verge's.

Compare the review in the link above to the review they did for the early 2012 iPad review just EIGHT months ago.

Now compare that video to this one, done by The Verge:

You'll instantly see they've picked up quite a few "vergisms":

  • artistic panning and rotating product shots of stationary product v. someone just holding product in hands and rotating object while camera stays static
  • clean, high quality voice-over done after video was shot (and using multiple, low depth of field close up shots while doing so) v. audio commentary and video shot at same time (which for some reason usually means "flatter" audio)
  • cutaways to pictures of product on white background while showing text at sides displaying pricing and options v. just talking about these things while keeping camera on object and no use of text

I thought that the verge video reviews were unique and stylish when I first saw them and apparently the video editors over at Engadget have come to the same realization. They still have a ways to go before they completely capture the look and feel, but they are on their way.

Not a big deal, but I just thought it was an interesting observation.