Am I crazy ?

I knew people were going to love the iPad mini because people loved the big iPad and I believe that small tablets offer a great user experience. So this post isn't really about if I think the iPad mini is good or not, because I think it is fine for what it is.

I just don't that it is fair to compare the industrial design of the iPad mini to Nexus 7 and other 7inch tablets that start at $200. Josh isn't the only tech writer I seen do this so I'm feeling like I'm thinking backwards. Was anyone really expecting a $200 Asus tablet to be better made than a $330 Apple tablet ?

Maybe the iPad mini doesn't feel like cheap tablet because it is not a cheap tablet. Maybe the Nexus 7 feels cheap because its $200. Or maybe I'm crazy and this is just an example of an OEM failing to build a product with the same quality of Apple's product while being a good deal cheaper. Cause you know, that is totally possible.