Android 5.0 wishlist..

What features did you want to see in android 4.2 but was not there? (stock android )\

Here is mine--

1) Wallpaper in app drawer

2) Scrollable dock

3) Multiple wallpapers

4) More home screen pages. (unlimited is better though)

5) Project Roadrunner

6) Vastly upgraded google play store- the search feature sucks horribly.

7) Access to google music/ movies/ magazine/ books in other countries

8) Better widgets

9) Ability to read entire messages in notifications.

10) For tablets- Split screen- samsung did it with note 10.1 although it had its limits. so why not have that feature?

11) Pen/ Stylus support for drawing

12) Easier app switching in tablets.

13) Get rid of that phabet ui on tablets and bring back the tablet ui. It wastes alot of space!!

What are your wishlists? Although most phone yet to run jellybean, let those with nexus phones/tablets or those lucky to receive updates enjoy