Surface talk.

So the other day I took my dad to the Surface kiosks that opened up at the local mall.

He was looking specifically at Surface and was not interested in other tablets (Bro with iPad, mom with Nexus 7)

Now I honestly really liked the tablet, however office kept on crashing on the tablets that we were testing out (mainly powerpoint and excel). We tried a good five tablets and asked the manager there, who basically shrugged us off saying someone probably tampered with it.

This is in no way a microsoft bash as I still want my dad to get a Surface, but here-in the lack of proper customer service, and dysfunctional hardware really makes this a hard buy. Another worry for me is that my dad works in a third world country and relies on 3G for internet (WiFi is not as widespread yet), and that renders the surface useless when he's out driving or during impromptu meetings.

I really want Microsoft to do well, so Apple and Google can step up their game, but man this past sunday was such a disappointment.

What to do?