Surprisingly nice Asus 11.6 touch notebook

While waiting a bit of time to see what my options are for a fully loaded Win8 notebook/tablet/convertible thing - I purchased an Asus VivoBook (I think that's the official name) for my wife today. 11.6'', 4GB of memory, touch screen machine with an old fashioned 500GB HDD. $550 out of the door.

Having used Windows 8 so far on an old Dell notebook (we are talking Vostro 1500 here, Core 2 Duo, quite some time years on it) connected to a touch-monitor - I am not surprised that it performs so well, but I have to say that despite the low-price and mediocre specs - this thing is surprisingly nice. It is light (less than 3lbs), the keyboard is much nicer than expected for such a small machine - and even with a low Core i3 and not enough memory for my normal use, it is really nice. Windows 8 is usable even on the old Dell, but on this thing, it really flies.

I admit that I liked Asus for a long time for their motherboards, but until I got a Nexus 7 I had my doubts about their complete machines. No more. The Nexus 7 is nicely built, and this machine seems even nicer.

With a price of $550 and being able to run Visual Studio, Web Storm and the like - I am really liking this little machine.

I know it is not the sexiest machine out there, but if you can get so much productivity at such prices - I can't imagine Windows 8 not being successful. Putting touch with a proper OS together, and Microsoft seems to be on the road to something special.

I hope the Surface Pro arrives soon and it is possible to put 8GB of memory in it, because if that happens, it would be pretty close to a perfect machine.