This is my next: the Nexus 4


The LG Nexus 4 will be my next phone despite that fact that it doesn’t have LTE. What's that you say? That LTE is wildly faster than HSPA? That I must not live or work in a LTE covered city? That I must have never had an LTE phone to experience the vast new world of speedy mobile broadband? Well right, wrong, and wrong, in that order.


In my time with a LTE phone, namely the HTC One X, I never really noticed a crazy improvement of anything that I wanted to do. Sure my Speedtest results towered over any of my other HSPA phones and even beat my home internet’s scores (which is embarrassing in its own right). But somehow when I was physically out and about, actually working (or playing), I never felt like it was making my life easier or for that matter faster.

Let me compare a couple of real world situations that I had with both the One X and my current phone, the Galaxy Nexus. How about we start with downloading or uploading email attachments. Whatever the attachment is I immediately start the download or upload of it when I open the email. Then I subsequently read or write the email and voila, it’s done! No matter what I download or upload it is almost always done by the time I am finished with the email. I never really find myself bogged down.


Ok well emails are a check, but I’m sure you’ve never heard of the cloud. Wrong. I am a heavy user of Rdio, Google Drive, Evernote, and even on occation. Ne'er are the long delays between songs or bringing up documents and notes that the old decrepit third generation standard expect. I can even readily bring up recently viewed notes in Evernote when I am without service at all! (subway... not the sandwich).

Lastly we come to watching videos and downloading apps. Well I’ll give you the former, as waiting for a video to play in 2012 seems like a problem that should be long in the past. But these short buffering throwbacks are few and far between in my experience and definitely not something that I am perpetually doing away from WIFI. And downloading apps just doesn't ever seem like an emergency to me. I don’t ever think I’ve downloaded an app in a hurry, right as I needed it. If I do end up needed an app on a time limit it usually sounds like this, "wow that’s cool, what is that? Oh thanks I’m going to get that now" and I initiate the download and continue on with my day. While that’s happening I can move on to other things, multitasking.

I will tell you what does slow me down in real world situations, terrible UI cues that make no sense (pun intended). A terrible task switcher, crappy stock messaging app, and an insanely bad keyboard. Those are the things that are more often than not ruined by third parties but ironically done very well by stock android. So to me, if its about speed, I can get more done on an HSPA phone with a fluid UI than a LTE phone that is constantly tripping me up.