The Difference Between Ecosystem/Integration and App Count

Over the mild outrage over the Surface RT and Windows 8 review scores vs the iPad mini and new iPad reviews I think ecosystem should be separated into two different scores, integration and app count. The Surface gets a 4 in ecosystem because of the low count of apps. Yeah the app selection sucks but the integration into the Microsoft ecosystem is amazing. Everything can sync between your devices. Literally everything. My Windows Phone, Windows 8 desktop, and Surface RT are all in sync. I also go a free year of Xbox Music so I love the syncing between my desktop and my Surface. I add a new song to my music on my desktop and next time I use my Surface it's there. The integration with Skydrive is also first class. I have been using the preview version of Office 2013 for a while now and its great that I can write up a document, save it in my Skydrive folder, and then can access it on any of my devices and online.

I would give the Surface RT and Windows 8 a 10 on integration. Surface RT would probably still get a 4 or even lower on app count because the app count isn't there. Windows 8 would probably get an 8 or 9 on app count because you still have all the Windows 7 and previous apps you know and love but are still lacking on the Metro apps.

Honestly I haven't owned any Apple products and don't use any of their services, even iTunes. iTunes on Windows is an abomination and since I own a Windows Phone I've used the Zune desktop client. Do both the iPad Mini and the new iPad deserve 10's in ecosystem? Eh. The app count deserves a 10. More apps than any other platform out there, however the integration probably would be at 9 or 8. I don't know how it could compare to Microsoft's integration between their phones, desktops, tablets, and console.