Nexus & Lumia: how will Josh do it?

The Nexus 4. The Lumia 920.

The Nexus 4 looks to undercut the entire smartphone industry by bringing cutting-edge specs with insanely low pricing, and is an unquestionable choice for many mobile enthusiasts. Despite Vlad's views on the 8X, I think the 920 is still the flagship. It's the first Windows Phone with surmountable hardware differentiation from any other device that it could actually make a dent - if not in the market, then at least into the conscience of users.

The Nexus 4 goes on sale on November 13. The Lumia 920 is supposedly to launch in the US on November 11. It seems to me that the embargoes for the reviews for both must lift near each other. Surely, Josh will want to do the honours. But how is he going to pull it off? He typically has spent quite a while with previous Nexus devices - I think it is a device important enough to get his uninterrupted attention for the review period. But I also think the Lumia 920 is a huge step forwards from the Lumia 900 - it seems the performance improvements alone will solve a lot of my problems with the third party app ecosystem, and while it is still lacking, I think many third party alternatives or clients will suddenly become viable due to the pure performance increase. I've typically avoided a tonne of apps because they were simply too laggy.

I don't think it will be fair to either device to review them separately while using both. Is Josh just going to delay one of the reviews? Did he get one far in advance, so a review is already completed? Or, my favourite, will he do a comparison review of sorts, pitting Windows Phone's best against Android's best?

(The last suggestion will surely spark controversy.)