Microsoft Surface

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Reviewed by redleader (Currently owns)

For starters, why are 4/8 of the previous reviews by people who have only been on The Verge for less than a week and all 9s with similar sounding reviews? Hmm....As for the Surface, it's good, but for a tablet there just aren't many applications to choose from because this device DOES NOT RUN WINDOWS APPS. So the ecosystem is kind of infantile compared to other tablets and other laptops. Does it run x86 apps? No. Does it have as many apps as the iPad? No. Office is good and all, albeit being a bit laggy, but overall good enough for working on. Not a good LAPtop as it doesn't sit on your lap but on a desk it works fine. In portrait mode it is essentially useless unless you are reading a large amount of text on a website. Then again if I want to read a large amount of text I would have preferred a screen that has a higher pixel density, such as the one on the Nexus 10. The design of the device it is excellent. In fact, for a laptop it is fantastic. For a tablet it is also excellent. My main problem with this is that this device just seems to be unsure of just what it wants to be in my life. Is it my go to work device for things and can replace my i7 laptop? Well no, of course not. But can it be a portable, mobile entertainment device capable of satiating my app needs and acting as a veritable utility belt of different functions that the tablet has come to serve as. Kind of, if by utility belt, I meant solid, black, leather work belt. It has Microsoft Office. That alone does not make it better than a tablet without Office or a laptop without the tablet features. It sits in the valley between the great tablets, iPad and hopefully Nexus 10, and the great laptops, Thinkpads and Macbook Pros. Does it bridge the void? No. It spans 80% of the gap but makes you constantly leap over the 20% in between the two worlds of tablets and laptops. Unfortunately, this directly effects the available software. It does not run my Windows programs, and it seems to be, as of this review, unsatisfying of the traditional tablet apps that I have grown accustomed to. I can use the Surface for typing emails and word documents, browsing the web (just not flash sites unless I want to experience nastiness) and using a few tablet apps. I want to use this as a laptop but it falls very short. I then try and use it as a tablet but nope, not going down that road anytime soon. It feels like a product with the genes for greatness, but it received the ugly recessive genes by chance. Can Windows 8 best iOS, yes, just not on the Surface.

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  • Design 9
  • Display 7
  • Camera(s) 7
  • Speakers 7
  • Performance 7
  • Software 7
  • Battery life 8
  • Ecosystem 3
  • Dock 7
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