The Silent Killer Feature....Miracast

Hey folks,

As we have be entrenched in technology amounts and the slew of Nexus news coming out from all directions many of us seem to be focusing on aspects like LTE, Memory, and other hardware specs which I feel is basically not as important as we make it seem.

The Nexus 4 has Miracast, and Google is making a statement here. They are getting on board with the standard, letting everyone know Google will not push some propitiatory Nexus Q or AirPlay type of thing instead which only works with certain devices. I think Miracast will basically make people start wondering why AirPlay....

Miracast has broad industry support with the top companies (TI, Intel, LG, Samsung, Nvidia, the list goes on) with analyst expecting Billions of dollars in new products with the technology. This is what I see coming in the next year

1. Smart TVs will start the Miracast-Ready movement

2. SetTop Devices (Roku, Google TV, etc..) will additionally offer Miracast-Ready support

3, Cable Boxes (Fios, TWC, Xfinity) will offer Miracast-Ready boxes offering integrated use with their current smartphone and Tablet apps.

What do you all are some videos


Verge Reporting Sony has just signed on with the new Miracast Certifications

Miracast streaming has been added to the Sony Xperia T via update.

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