The Silent Switch: An Unrecognised Hero

Since my iPhone 3GS, I've fallen in love with many things about the iPhone. However, much like most teenage relationships, we simply fall out of love. On my journey for a new phone, I've been wowed by the beautifully large screens of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the flexibility that a rooted Android provides in the Nexus 4, and of course, the unique, yet stunning design of the Lumia 920.

While many may complain that the N4 lacks LTE, the S3's screen is too large, or that the 920 lacks a developed app store, there's one thing that I'm struggling to find in my next device.

The Silent Switch.

For the uninformed, it's simply a slider that sits above the volume rocker of the iPhone, and when activated, it prevents your device from emitting nothing but sweet vibrations. Why is such a simple thing so important? I'm not a man who prides himself on stealth, but I would lying if I said this switch hadn't gotten me out of some delicate situations.

The mere sight of a mobile phone at my job is a near fireable offence, and while many would suggest I get a new job, that's simply not acceptable. Unfortunately, my tech addiction is so petty that I need to check my social media every ten minutes, and thus you can imagine how many times my phone has slyly been slid back into my pocket just as a supervisor walks past.

As a human, I make mistakes, and having an accidental iMessage notification beeping off at work because I forget to push that switch just mere millimetres is just something I can't afford. Android is nice and all, but the mere ability to just push that switch in my pocket to satisfy my own sense security in the office is alleviating.

It's one of the ultimate first world problems, but I don't want to live in a world where I have to get my phone out, unlock, slide down the settings, and switch airplane mode/silent mode on. It just doesn't compliment the stealth angle I'm going for.

tl;dr - Why the fudgenstein haven't all phones got this feature? What's your experience with silent switch? Do you even give a hoot?