Lumia 920 Embargo

So, the Lumia 920... It looks great (IMHO) and it's being billed as the Windows Phone 8 flagship phone, but is there some kind of embargo on shops mentioning the release date and tech sites reviewing the phone?

Nokia announced (well, I say announced, it kind of piddled out toward Reuters), that the phone will be available in the UK on Fri 2nd November, yet all the retailers I've asked won't verify the date. The best answer I've had so far when I've asked is it coming out on Friday is "probably". This, to me, sounds more like a non-committal, "yes, but we can't officially say anything just yet".

I'm just really baffled by all this. Is it Nokia preventing them from announcing things or is it the phone companies and what has anyone got to benefit from this?

Phones4U will let you register interest but EE who have the exclusivity deal have practically buried any mention of the phone on their websites. Through various sources we've learned that being exclusive to EE doesn't mean the 920 is exclusive to the expensive 4G plans but it will be also available on 3G Orange/T-Mobile contracts (which are part of EE). However, if you go on the T-Mobile UK website under "Coming Soon" it just shows the iPhone 5 which it says has now arrived. That's not particularly helpful. Also, it sounded for a brief while that the phone would be exclusive to Phones4U but that turned out to be just colour options are exclusive to P4U.

I think all this confusion isn't going to do Nokia or WP8 any favours.

Does anyone have any genuine information about what's going on and why Nokia/Windows Phone are almost sabotaging their own launch?