Android browsers: which offers what?

I'm a current Windows Phone user rocking a first-gen Omnia 7. My contract has been up for two months, and my next phone will be the Nexus 4, HTC 8X or Lumia 920. I'm fairly familiar with Windows Phone at this stage, but I do want to gain some deeper insight into Android.

Here, I'd like to get some input regarding web browsing. The browser has been a mixed blessing on Windows Phone. I've had a smooth experience from day one, but I'm not a huge fan of the overly-minimalist UI which places items too many taps away. I'd be interested to see what Android offers with its vast array of browser choice.



Reading through the Windows Phone 8 review, this took me back: custom fonts on webpages. I don't have this, and it honestly makes sites look so much better. It's been kind of painful seeing generic sans-serif and serif fonts on sites with pretty specific typographical focus such as The Verge and the new Ars Technica.

Are there any Android browsers that are worthwhile to use that support this? I've heard good things about Chrome, but I searched up the initial post on its beta release and it seems custom fonts are not supported?



This is a feature I've missed since switching away from my old Windows Mobile with Opera Mini. It astounds me that Microsoft continues to offer only a completely blank new tab page - a complete waste of space, in my opinion. What browsers apart from Opera offer this option, and what level of customizable is available for them if so? I'm not really interest in the desktop Chrome/IE implementation of "popular" sites, I'd like to have a user-mandated grid.



Tab management looks to be manageable on Windows Phone 8, but just. I definitely like the idea of edge swiping, which isn't available there. What's the best implementation of tab switching that you've experienced, and how does it hold up when accommodating a large amount of tabs?



Lastly, how would you rate browsers in terms of performance? Benchmarks don't say it all, but a split between decent rendering times and smoothness with scrolling, zooming and other actions such as selecting text.


What do different Android browsers offer in these following categories?

Custom fonts
Speed dial
Tab management