How much privacy are you willing to share with 'Google Now'?

That's a question many existing Nexus users should think over and clarify in their minds. With Google opening up the field of Nexus for all the players and the LG Nexus 4 slated to launch on November 13, the Nexus user base is going to increase in the time to come. So, this becomes a question which all users of Android should ask themselves and ponder over it a bit.

"Google's going to know when my flight is, whether my package has gotten here yet and where my wife is"

That's Dieter Bohn speaking about the Google Now feature of Android and how it is being touted as the next big thing. With the latest update package for Stock Android phones, Google Now is getting synchronized with your Gmail account.

So, I would like to know from all the folks who are existing Nexus users as well as non-Nexus users -

How much do you trust Google?

How willing are you in sharing every movement of yours with Google through Google Now?



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