Logitech T650 mini review - Windows 8 made easier..

I kind of panicked when I first installed windows 8, unlike many people I did not test drive the software at any stage of its development. Thankfully nothing much had changed. However niggling to the corner of the screens to bring up the charms without win+c did start to annoy me. So I went ahead and ordered the T650 touch pad.


via i.imgur.com

This may not look much, but it serves a purpose in your metro experience. I know there are those who would continuously use windows 8 in desktop mode, but it seems kind of a waste of all the efforts MS have gone to, so for that purpose I wanted to experience more of windows 8 without metro being clunky. I did consider learning all the short cuts, but that seemed counter intuitive to what the engineers had intended. So till I can get a secondary touch screen on the cheap or buy the surface pro, I needed a stop gap. There was only one decent on-line review of the T650.

I took the gamble and bought it, it arrived and I have been very impressed with it. It really does enhance and improve the windows 8 experience. I am using it along with a performance MX mouse too. So for anything metro related I gesture the 13 commands via gestures. The best features are the 3 finger swipe for bringing the desktop up, the side swipe for the app switching and the right side swipe for bringing up the charms menu. I am still getting used to making them apart of my daily usage.

The list of gestures are detailed here: http://www.logitech.com/en-us/mice-pointers/articles/win8-t650-gestures

There are custom gestures too which you can pre-set in set-point. One my major disappointments with this is the lack of a gesture for closing down a particular app. On the mouse I can drag it down, but I am sure the community at large probably have something for this already.

So what exactly does it enhance for me? switching between metro and desktop is simple and easy, scrolling through pictures is ridiculously easy with the swipe gestures. If you have lots of apps on your metro dashboard it will be easier to navigate those too. The app switching and charm menus are probably what I will use most. It shaves a few milliseconds here and there, but the main point is it makes the whole experience a bit more fun..

The build quality is stellar too, the surface is made of glass and feels like the touch screen of any tablet / phone. The charge is supposed to last 1 month on the device, though yet to see if that claim is valid. The unit itself works with logitech unity, so you can link a mouse and the touchpad without issue.

At £69.99 it is not the cheapest enhancement to windows 8, but if you want ease and fun this is worth checking out.