The Verge loves Apples best products, and Microsofts best, oh and Googles best stuff...

I'm sick of all these people calling The Verge an Apple Fanboy site.

Josh is anti Microsoft (and Nokia, Windows, ..)

There are only MacBooks on staff (which you get from Apple for free according to some fools)

You are all against Google and Android and Windows and logic and realism and god knows what you're all lacking according too some childish people that see nothing but the things they love and use.

There is something called "realistic and rational views" you know, a view that does not include your own predetermined hatred or love for something.

People saying the Lumia 920 is the best phone without actually having touched one...

People saying the WP8 ecosystem is very good without actual proof...

People complaining about any and every review on this site because THEY FEEL (and I caps locked feel) good about a product. Just an example:

" I can do all the things I want to do with WP8 so why does the ecosystem gets a 5. "

Or being against calling something a cheap piece of plastic when it is a cheap piece of plastic just because you like the look of it.

It's these kind of non-reasoning to aggravates me. These are personal feelings....not realistic facts.

To all these people I say:

Just watch The Vergecast and stop wasting server-space trolling and complaining!

(or go read Engadget)

And yes, I like Apple and Microsoft has lost my love since Windows ME but I don't have any dislike for Microsoft because I like Apple. I don't hate Google for not being Apple. But it's like this for me:

I say Macbooks are the best notebooks in the world.......therefore I must be an Apple fanboy.

But you see, they really are the best... People saying their Asus plastic stuff is just as good.....are biased :D

Bring on the hate!