WTF is Nokia doing? (Update)

I have waited for so long to buy the Lumia 920, i have been checking every website 10 times a day to see if it's up for pre-order and today I hear, on twitter, that it will be sold only by EE (in UK) and it's up to them if they sell it sim free or not and it's not known if it will be locked to EE or not.

WTF are they thinking? Do they really think im gonna buy a phone that costs me £50 a month on a 2 year contract? are they on drugs?

If Lumia 920 is not sold SIM Free, i will abandon WP completely. there is no point getting the 8X. the camera is not as good and all the new apps seem to be exclusive to Lumia phones.

I have put my Galaxy Nexus up for sale and will wait until Nexus 4 comes out, if it's not available to buy off contract by then, i will stay with Android. I wont be tossed around by Microsoft and Nokia, as much as i love and am a big fan of both companies.


this is the level of the confusion im talking about, i have received 3 tweets from Phones 4u and they all contradict in one way or another