Technology and Hate

Why must we hate Apple, Google or Microsoft? Why can't we be in more than one camp. Why is it that the Verge hates Microsoft and has found a way to make money from click bait articles enflamining their supporters? Really, what is that all about? Windows Phone has tons of Apps; High quality apps at that. The Verge’s staff is Android and Apple lovers. Short of Tom and Vlad, they don’t like anything from Microsoft. They cover their products because Microsoft is the 300lb gorilla you have to cover, but their articles are always written with pessimism, distain, doubt, and overly subjective comments that border on unprofessionalism. If being a blogger is truly even considered a profession. Microsoft is missing one key app for windows phone and that’s Instagram. Instagram is critical, not for its crappy filters (Windows phone includes filters native in most manufacturers standard camera apps and there are 50 Instagram competitors on windows phone), but for its millions of users. The Verge staff talk ecosystem but for all things Microsoft that means any App they might be missing that they use on android or iOS. Everyone knows that An ecosystem is a community of living organisms (plants, animals and microbes) in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment (things like air, water and mineral soil), interacting as a system. Well if you apply that to technology, Microsoft has the most robust and comprehensive ecosystem ever created in the history of modern technology. They have Software on Phones, Tablets, PC, Laptops and the Xbox 360 all working together. They have Entertainment Systems that work across devices. They have Games across all devices. They have Millions of Apps across 3 out of the 5 devices and hundreds of thousands across the other two (Phones & Tablets) When you read an article on the Verge that involves anything regarding Microsoft and you don’t see Tom and sometimes Vlad, we know its click bate for advertising revenue numbers. And the question is WHY?