Windows 8 keyboard hunting

Hey Guys... in my ongoing search to obtain the ultimate PC experience, I've been recently looking into external keyboards.

The plan is to get a Surface Pro when it comes out, but instead of dropping $100 on a keyboard/cover with it, I'd rather get a wireless, backlit keyboard with a built in touchpad so I can just kick it on the couch.

Priorities are:

- Comfortable keyboard with ample key travel (3mm+)

- Preferably with Win8 Hotkeys

- backlit

- decent trackpad experience (scrolling and swiping should be easy)

So far I've come across these two:

Logitech K400

- wireless with a touchpad


Logitech K800

- wireless, backlit keyboard, full numpad


The K800 would best fit my needs because of the excellent key travel and backlighting.... I suppose I'm just wondering if there's something as good as the K800 with a touchpad in place of a number pad.

Or should I just purchase a separate touchpad and use it with this?