Lumia 920 vs. Nexus 4... Fight!

Internal hardware is not a major concern, despite the Nexus 4 being quad-core and 2GB RAM and the Lumia 920 being dual-core with 1GB RAM... I don't expect either to be laggy.

Lumia 920

Pros: Solid Polycarbonate shell should be comfortable and durable, gorgeous/responsive screen, fantastic low-light camera

Cons: Heavier than most devices (185g vs 139g of Nexus 4 - that's a 25% difference)


Nexus 4

Pros: Dazzling Hardware with concave gorilla glass 2 on both sides and what I think is an attractive back cover, high-res screen (320 ppi), 25% lighter than Lumia despite having a slightly larger screen and inductive charging capabilities as well, bound to get updates immediately for years to come, really great value @ $349 sim-free.

Cons: No OIS (optical image stabilization) like the 920, and I can't tell which wireless stand would be more useful


Clearly, choosing ecosystems is important here. I've been using Android for a of couple years now, so I've become quite comfortable with the UI and all of the apps I have. However, I'm impressed with how far WP8 has come, and would really be willing to give it a shot, and would love to have a camera capable of such good low light shots with me at all time. I guess we'll just need to see how the Nexus 4 camera fares.


Which stand do you think will be more useful for sitting at a desk? Some people have questioned the angle of the Nexus 4 orb, but I think it should be fine sitting at a desk looking down at it, and I especially like the ability to do landscape mode. It also appears somewhat adjustable since you could slide it further up or down the orb.


What do you guys think? Where's your money going?


p.s. let's make this about the hardware, not the software