Need opinions about an OS mix

Not sure if it is a good title lol.

Anyway, i used to have a galaxy s3 that i sold to get an iPhone 5. Not because android sucked; i actually find the iphone 5 and S3 to have exact same battery life under my usage and the responsiveness was great; but because i was tired of touchwiz and the samsung device was sort of putting me off with its plastic build.

Another big issue was the app quality and that i preferred over the "openness".

However, i have figured that the stuff i use a smartphone for (browsing, calendar, email, alarms, reminders, very light navigation and mapping, tons of music, very light videos - almost none, messaging and IMs, social stuff, extremely light gaming) is actually performed by android devices as well as the iPhone 5.

Now a lot of the stuff i would force myself to do on a 4 inch or even a 4.8 inch screen like reading books and PDFs, watching movies, using some editing (PDF and photo/movie) and similar would be much easily done on a tablet. After actually using a coworker's ipad, i find why i never care to open gooodreader on my iPhone but would love it on the iPad. I "need" a 8-10 inch screen to fully enjoy stuff.

And here is where the mix comes in, with google announcing the nexus 4 with decent specs for once for a steal price of $349 for 16GB ( 8 is a tad too little with music etc). The price is brilliant for a smartphone that can check all boxes for me.

I am thinking if i sell the iPhone 5 unlocked for more than $700 (they still go for $800 or more here in Canada), i could snatch a nexus 4 and an iPad 3 or mini for sub $400.

So, would you take that choice? I just want to see if people with real experience have any insights to share. Would i be better off with a nexus 4 + a surface even with the sufrace's low app count for productivity and entertainment?

Also would you take the mini over say, an iPad 3 or rather buy an iPad 2 instead of either of those?

Reason for not going with iPad 4 is that i am not looking for the latest and greatest that requires me to spend more money as even old Apple devices tend to perform amazingly well (my wife's iPhone 4 runs heavy 3D games with not even a flinch, impressive).

Sound off!