Hi, I'm an iOS devotee, and I'm thinking about purchasing a nexus 4

Ok, rundown of me first:

I own currently a:

  • 2010 Macbook pro
  • iPhone 4s (AT&T 32 GB)
  • iPad 2 3g model

I live in the US, and I go to Cairo about every summer and christmas break. My phone is locked, and although my abilities to unlock iphones used to be fairly capable, I've become so annoyed with the process that I've ignored it all together and opted for a dumb phone and use 3g service on my ipad while in Cairo through local carriers.

My plan is to buy an 8 GB nexus 4, for just 299, and use it as a replacement for my dumbphone this coming christmas, and perhaps summer also. Due to incredible difficulties with importing technology into Egypt, phones are ridiculously more expensive, and a 200 dollar smartphone would be sort of a blessing in many of my relatives/friends eyes who live over there. thats all in case I don't really like android.

As an avid Gmail user, as well as a YouTuber (check me out at youtube.com/peng1tv ) I think I'm gonna be fairly happy with it, and although I'm plugged into the Apple system fairly well, I think I could juggle two phones for a while, seeing as they both run on HSPA+. I really don't care about 4G, as I don't think that speeds I'm getting now are that bad. I see this as a way for me to dip my toes into the android ecosystem safely, and possibly start looking at what so many of you seem to be enjoying. Is there anything that I'm overlooking in this plan? I feel like its solid, and I'm trying to build up my fund for getting this "second phone" which seems ridiculous but not so expensive. besides, it'll give me nicer hardware for a while until I have real upgrade potential, right?