Surface RT - Xbox Music App. Edit - Skipping?

First post ever on the Verge. I received my Surface RT yesterday and it has been a lovely affair so far.

A minor gripe i noticed today is the fact that the Xbox music app skips for no reason when playing songs (the skipping of songs includes streamed songs and songs i saved to its hard drive. It started off minor, but the more it occurs the angrier i become.

I have checked the task manager and also closed several apps but the skipping still continued. I really do hope we get support from third party media players because I can see this irritating me to no end.

I also come across the 'Can't play - Unsupported format' error message when streaming music I saved to a playlist. The songs played just fine when i played them the last time.

That and the occasional stutter are my only gripes with the surface so far.

Does anyone have a similar experience or is this just me?

P.S Josh, 7.0? Really?

Edit - I have now noticed that when the screen goes off, The app either stops playing music entirely or starts skipping really badly. I know the surface goes into low power mode when the display is off and this is done for power conservation but couldn't they (Microsoft) have put more flexibilty in the power options?

For example, have an option for 'Turn of display after xx minutes' and 'Put computer to sleep after xx minutes'

Am i the only one experiencing these issues? Its beginning to really irk me. I dont want to have to listen to music and have the screen constantly on. I really love my Surface and i have no use for my laptop anymore but this is unacceptable!